Jan 162013

Hello everyone,

I have been busy in the last month and finished some portraits which I will be posting soon on the website.

Also lastly I have now a room for me to paint Oil and tempera again :) something that makes me really happy, after all I started from there eight years ago.

So happy new year to you all and stay tuned to my new uploads :)!


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Oct 192012

Dear all,

I am glad that my wrist has recovered to an extend that I could start again with drawing and finishing what I have started.

Nonetheless I have a lot to do and a long road ahead. For all of you who have been waiting for their painting…thank you for your patience!

As a kind of reward I wanted to share something with you, therefore I have decided to upload my lineart even though it is not yet the finished result.

I also added a section that I named work in progress, where I will host the paintings that I am working on right now.

My time is a valuable rescource and I have to choose what I do first and what comes later…but I know how it feels to be waiting on a result and I hope now this will make it easier to be patient…



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Oct 012012

To those who are still waiting for a portrait :) -> it is still taking some time for me to heal and fully recover…but I started working on some acrylic painting today and I hope that thus I can keep painting at least a little even when I am still in pain with my left wrist…

Thanks to Peter for the feedback on Lisgond, I will consider this for the next one :).

I wish you all a perfect October, one year ago my journey started as an artist while working…and it has been great so far :)!


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Sep 152012

Hello there,

I have been visiting Vienna last week, and it was brilliant. I just found a new way how I can actualy achieve the look that I am craving for and I am more than just fired up to get into this.

On the downside I really have to slow down a little with my pace. I have been overpacing myself lately and I noticed it…good thing :)!

For all of you who are still waiting for their portraits -> YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN :)

I am just not willing to blunder this. Therefore I have to delay rather than to compromise the quality :).

There are still about 70 portraits waiting to be finished and I rather finish them slow but in a quality that makes me happy than finishing the lot in a hurry and not enjoy it.

I love Art, and you can not hurry love 😉

I am sorry to let you wait longer, but I will not let you down :)!


Enjoy life in the meantime, because it is beautiful XD!


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Aug 222012

Dear all who are still waiting on their portraits of the Drachenfest 2012.

Today I finished my first Lisgond the landlord of the Albatros. The others will be following, shortly.

For anyone who followed this post…haha I am still finding my way around how to do it best 😉



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Jul 312012

Last week I participated at the Drachenfest in Diemelstadt to get new inspiration and to portrait more interesting characters.

It was a blast and in the nearly four days I was around, Thorfin the artist could draw so many that I will be hosting many more portraits soon!

I want to say thanks to all the models who took their time and held still for me to draw them, and who now are waiting for their portrait to arrive, it was a pleasure to see so many brilliant constumes, and I will give my best!

So stay tuned!



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Jul 202012

Welcome to my new website, it has been some time now that I did not finish the design of my website, just some plain old HTML and not even the German “Umlaute” had been designed in a way that they could be presented nicely…

Well, well, well. Now I finally had the time to overhaul the old one and publish this new website full of pictures that I have been hosting on tumblr so far.


I hope you like the new look and the new feel of this page.

I will be changing some things here and there an tweak it to my real gusto…but one thing after the other.



Still there are some posts that I have not yet uploaded to this website so if you are curious you can of course also visit my blogs

for digital art


for acrylic paintings

for those.

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Jul 092012

Today with this post I just wanted to thank all of you who let me portrait you. For me to be able to draw you, was a great pleasure. Thanks to you, I have become better and it pushes me forward to know that my art is appreciated.


There is still a lot to learn but it feels good to have come this far in just 7 months.

I still have quite a lot sketches that need to be finished, so to all of you who are still waiting for their sketch, don’t worry you have not been forgotten!



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