Jul 312012

Last week I participated at the Drachenfest in Diemelstadt to get new inspiration and to portrait more interesting characters.

It was a blast and in the nearly four days I was around, Thorfin the artist could draw so many that I will be hosting many more portraits soon!

I want to say thanks to all the models who took their time and held still for me to draw them, and who now are waiting for their portrait to arrive, it was a pleasure to see so many brilliant constumes, and I will give my best!

So stay tuned!



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  One Response to “Visiting the Drachenfest 2012”

  1. Yep, hostel Albatros is eagerly waiting, I can tell you.
    And I am glad to read that you enjoyed your first Drachenfest.

    Best wishes
    Maiden in blue 😉

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