Jan 162013

Hello everyone,

I have been busy in the last month and finished some portraits which I will be posting soon on the website.

Also lastly I have now a room for me to paint Oil and tempera again :) something that makes me really happy, after all I started from there eight years ago.

So happy new year to you all and stay tuned to my new uploads :)!


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Aug 222012

Dear all who are still waiting on their portraits of the Drachenfest 2012.

Today I finished my first Lisgond the landlord of the Albatros. The others will be following, shortly.

For anyone who followed this post…haha I am still finding my way around how to do it best 😉



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Jan 092012

Helllo there,

from today on I will just post what I paint during my way to become a professional artist…the road might be long…but every road starts with the first steps…even if they are baby steps :) so stay tuned!

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