selfportrait of the artist

This page has the sole purpose to showcase the work of the artist Oliver Madlener.

Oliver is a self-taught artist, working hard to improve his skills.

He works in various media, using a  mélange of pencil and digital remastering but also traditional art like Acrylic paint and Aquarelle.


His aim is to become an even better artist bit by bit to fullfill his ambition to be a freelance illustrator and well known artist.

All paintings, pictures, sketches and portraits have been drawn by him and are his to distribute.

If you like them you are free to use them to your own leisure but please respect him and give him credit if you post them somewhere beside your own homecomputer background.

Also -> do not charge a single penny for any of the art that is on this pages.


You can get in touch via e-mail using either the contact formular or through artist(at)omadart.eu



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